Day Progress:

Razor Hybrid Fitness Advanced

Week 8, Day 4 • 8 to 11 reps, 90 Second rest

CHEST – (4 Supersets) Decline Bench Dumbbell Press SS with Plank SH Tension Razor Push Ups

Decline Bench Dumbbell Press SS

  • Secure your legs at the end of the decline bench and lay down on the bench.
  • Have a spotter hand you the dumbbells in the down position.
  • The dumbbells should be just to the sides of your chest, with your upper arm and forearm just past a 90 degree angle.
  • Be sure to maintain full control of the dumbbells at all times and have a spotter if possible.
  • Then use your chest to push the dumbbells up in a controlled motion.
  • The dumbbells should be furthest away from each other at the bottom of the movement, and slowly get closer as you move them up.
  • Lock your arms at the top of the lift and squeeze your chest, and then follow the same line coming down in a controlled fashion.
  • Repeat the movement for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Plank SH Tension Razor Push Ups

  • Place the pulley at the lowest setting, or the door stop 6” above the floor, select the resistance to be used and attach the Razor to the cable or band.
  • With a slight bend on the elbow holding the Razor in order to prevent stress at the biceps tendon, keep tension in the start plank/push up position.
  • Keep the hand holding the Razor steady and still as you begin the movement, keeping your head to your toes in a straight line, moving straight down.
  • As you move down, the arm holding the Razor performs a push up with tension as you try to keep it in one place.
  • Your chest should be only a few inches away from the Razor at the bottom, and if you are a beginner, just get as low as you can that still allows you to come up.
  • One complete set is when both arms have been worked. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions and always start the next set using the opposite arm.

BACK – (4 sets) Seated DH Row Grip Lat Pull Downs

Seated DH Row Grip Lat Pull Downs

  • Sit down on a pull-down machine with a wide bar attached to the top pulley.
  • Make sure that you adjust the knee pad of the machine to fit your leg height.
  • These pads will prevent your body from being raised up by the resistance attached to the bar.
  • Grab the row grip attachment bar with the palms facing each other using a grip that you would for seated double hand cable rows.
  • Extend both arms in front of you and bring your torso back around 30 degrees or so while creating a curvature on your lower back and sticking your chest out. This is your starting position.
  • Bring the bar down until your forearms touch your chest.
  • Try to squeeze the back muscles once you reach the fully contracted position almost like you are trying to touch your elbows behind your back.
  • Your upper body should remain stationary and only the arms should move.
  • Then slowly raise the bar back to the starting position when your arms are fully extended and the lats are fully stretched.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat for recommended repetitions.

BICEPS – (4 sets) Seated SH Dumbbell Preacher Curl

Seated SH Dumbbell Preacher Curl

  • Adjust the preacher curl bench so when you set down your elbow rests comfortably on the pad, and it is just under your armpit.
  • Grab a dumbbell with the right arm and place the upper arm on top of the preacher bench or the incline bench.
  • The dumbbell should be held at shoulder length for your starting position.
  • Lower the dumbbell until your upper arm is extended and the bicep is fully stretched, stopping just short of locking the elbow out so that the bicep tendon is protected.
  • Then follow the same line up until your bicep is fully contracted and the dumbbell is at shoulder height.
  • Squeeze the biceps hard for a second at the contracted position.
  • One complete set is when both arms have been worked.
  • Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions

CALVES – (4 sets) Seated SL Calf Raise

Seated SL Calf Raises

  • Position a 2″ ledge underneath one foot, sit down on a bench, and rest a dumbbell on your knee. You can also utilize a number of different machines that work better at most any gym.
  • Load the machine with the proper weight or use the correct weighted dumbbells.
  • Start with the balls of your foot on the ledge, and your heel touching the floor.
  • Rest the other foot behind the working foot.
  • Then in a controlled fashion, lift the weight using the working foot.
  • Extend your foot completely on your toe before returning down at the same speed, following the same line down.
  • Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.