You Belong Here


You spend your days taking care of everyone else. Serving your students or working hard in this community. It's time to make yourself a priority and we are here to help you.

At Second Chance Fitness • 24 Hour Gym we believe in the value of overall health. This isn't just about the physical aspect of fitness, but it is also the mental, emotional, and spiritual. You belong here and we have something for everyone. Whether you have never set foot in a gym, or you are training for the CrossFit Games, we strive to make it comfortable and inviting for all.


Gym membership includes 24 hour access to the gym 365 days a year. You have access to on demand training with Ben Booker's LTF (live to fail) program. You also have access to the cycling on demand classes, showers, cardio machines and more.


Personal training is available. These sessions are customized 30 minute training sessions that are programmed based off of where you are beginning and where you want to go. We will work on mobility, stretching, fat loss and muscle gain customized to meet your goals.


Train in person or join us for live classes every week! Get full access to our online library of pre-recorded classes and programs. You can subscribe for monthly access or purchase a single live class.

Take The Tour

Want to look around and see what Second Chance Gym is like before you commit? No problem. Contact us to schedule a tour of our facilities.