Second Chance is a place where all people are truly welcome and belong. We respect that everyone has a personal story and that each individual deserves a safe place to release life stresses or whatever may be weighing them down.

At Second Chance, we believe in the healing power of physical fitness. It is an uplifting and fun environment in which anything is possible. This encouraging atmosphere propels people to reach their personal fitness goals as well as cultivates real-life change. Through physical fitness, true mental, spiritual and physical growth is possible. Second Chance is a lighthouse that gives off a beacon of hope-giving members the tools they need to break barriers and unlock their full potential.

Second Chance Fitness


  • Full Weight Room

  • Cardio Equipment

  • Showers

Take The Tour

Want to look around and see what Second Chance Gym is like before you commit? No problem. Contact us to schedule a tour of our facilities.