Day Progress:

Razor Hybrid Fitness Advanced

Week 5, Day 4 • 6 to 9 reps, 2 minute rest

CHEST – (3 sets) Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

  • Lie down on an incline bench that is no more than a 45 degree angle, with your feet flat on the floor.
  • The dumbbells should be just to the sides of your chest, with your upper arm and forearm just past a 90 degree angle.
  • Be sure to maintain full control of the dumbbells at all times and have a spotter if possible.
  • Then use your chest to push the dumbbells up in a controlled motion.
  • The dumbbells should be furthest away from each other at the bottom of the movement, and slowly get closer as you move them up.
  • Lock your arms at the top of the lift and squeeze your chest, and then follow the same line coming down in a controlled fashion.
  • Repeat the movement for the recommended amount of repetitions.

BACK – (3 sets) Seated SH Cable Row

Seated SH Cable Row

  • Sit on a seated row machine and grab the cable attachment with one hand.
  • Extend the legs from the platform while extending the back and keeping both shoulders straight.
  • Lean back at a slight angle while keeping the legs straight and arm straight and this is your starting position.
  • Your opposite hand can be on your knee or holding onto the seat behind you.
  • Pull the cable to you while keeping your shoulders as square as possible and elbow tight to the body.
  • End with the cable tight to the hip.
  • Return cable to start position.

BICEPS – (3 sets) Plank SH Side Razor Curls

Plank SH Side Razor Curls

  • Start in the plank position, which is on your knees or on your toes, keeping your body as straight as possible from your head to your knees or toes throughout the entire movement. A true beginner can start in glute to heel form.
  • Keep the arm that is holding the Razor fully extended with palm down to start, while placing the opposite arm on the ground as you would in the top position for a regular push up.
  • Your feet should be against the cable machine or the door where the band is attached.
  • Keep your elbow from moving more than a few inches from that starting position as you pull the Razor along your side representing a bicep curl.
  • Your body will go down about half way and stop before the Razor passes your shoulder, keeping your shoulder to elbow parallel to the ground and pushing through the floor throughout.
  • Follow the same line as you release to complete one repetition.
  • Keep your core engaged, refraining from having your body torque from the hips to the shoulders.
  • One complete set is when both sides have been worked.
  • Always start the next set with the opposite arm.

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  • Place the pulley at the lowest setting, or the door stop 6” above the floor, select the resistance to be used and attach the Razor to the cable or band.
  • The start position is in the bottom of a push up.
  • Your chest should be only a few inches off the ground, and if you are a beginner, just get as low as you can that that allows you to stay there for the duration of the exercise.
  • Then, with your elbow up and straight out you’re your side, extend your arm out until it is straight.
  • Keep your elbow as still as possible throughout the movement.
  • Then return your arm to the start position.
  • One complete set is when both arms have been worked.
  • Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions and always start the next set using the opposite arm.

CALVES – (3 sets) Seated SL Calf Raises

Seated SL Calf Raises

  • Position a 2″ ledge underneath one foot, sit down on a bench, and rest a dumbbell on your knee. You can also utilize a number of different machines that work better at most any gym.
  • Load the machine with the proper weight or use the correct weighted dumbbells.
  • Start with the balls of your foot on the ledge, and your heel touching the floor.
  • Rest the other foot behind the working foot.
  • Then in a controlled fashion, lift the weight using the working foot.
  • Extend your foot completely on your toe before returning down at the same speed, following the same line down.
  • Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.