Day Progress:

Razor Hybrid Fitness Beginner


  • DL = Double Leg
  • SL = Single Leg
  • DH = Double Hand
  • SH = Single Hand
  • SS = Supersets are defined as doing two different exercises back to back that target the same muscle group, with no rest in-between.
  • SH and SL = a completed single set refers to a full movement on both left and right sides. Ex: Back – plank SH Razor pull back, set one is complete when the rep range has been performed with both the left and right hand.
  • Plank = refers to beginner on knees, advanced on toes*, except when referring to back movements. Back movements are to be performed kneeling, glutes to heels.
  • Plank SH = always switch hands on starting position from set to set. Ex: Chest SH bottom Razor fly – start with Razor in right hand for set one, on set two move Razor to left hand for beginning position.
  • Anything noted as “Plank Razor” can be done with or without band or cable attachments according to your level of strength.
  • Wide Grip or Close Grip pushups can be performed with two Razor rollers, two push up bars or without equipment.
  • Goal = if your goal is rapid fat loss you can add 20 minutes of moderate cardio to the end of any resistance training session
  • Rest periods between sets are for individuals without training partners. When working with a partner, allow your partner to do the same exercise and use that time for your rest period. The benefits of working out with a partner outweigh the benefits of a shorter rest period.
  • Minimal Equipment = if you do not have the available equipment, substitute with a similar exercise targeting the same muscle group.
  • True Beginner = as a beginner you can use your own body weight in the place of weighted dumbbells, bands, etc. Focus on the rep range and proper form for best results.
  • With a Twist = to utilize the rotating capability of the Razor you must have at least 20 lbs. of weighted cable or band resistance attached to the unit.
  • Razor 45° = with attachment yolk facing away from you, lock handle in the 1st or 3rd position.
  • Hammer Razor Position = with the attachment yolk facing away from you, lock the handle in the 4th position.