The Razor Hybrid Crossover allows you to get a gym quality workout on the road in your hotel. The Razor and total body band kit fits in your travel bag and barely takes up any space. You can utilize the hotel room door and floor space to get an amazing workout on the go. I often times only have 15 to 20 minutes to work out when I travel. It can get pretty crazy, booked with meetings and appearances all day, sometimes I barely have time to eat.

Some hotels I stay at don’t have a cable system or dumbbells that go past 40. That is where the bands and the Razor come in! The combination of the bands and the unique rolling capabilities allow me to get the same style workout, better in some cases, than I would if I were to utilize the hotel gym, or try to squeeze a good workout in on limited time. I keep my repetition ranges between 6 to 8, and 12 to 15 most of the time, and most limited equipment will not allow me to reach muscle fatigue. So when I travel I will do the beginner side of the Hybrid Workout, but don’t let that fool you. It is designed for minimal equipment, and as long as you are pushing yourself to failure using correct form, you will still get the results of an expert. I can get a killer workout in about 15 to 30 minutes total, including the time it takes to change and get set up.

ImageI absolutely mean it when I say this system is for anybody and everybody. I like the feel of the gym, so even if there is a simple cable system and some light dumbbells I can still get a killer workout done in that small hotel gym. If they have a descent cable machine or just a big enough space to spread my wings on the floor, since most of the movements can be done with body weight only, I am there. No more excuses just because you are on the road for your job. The Razor Hybrid Crossover can go with you no matter where you are heading. And if you are like most people that begin this program and begin seeing the results, you won’t want to miss a workout.