In Home Training

ImageDon’t want to go to the gym to workout? You don’t have to. The Razor Hybrid Crossover is designed for anyone to use, no matter what your current fitness level. The Core Strengthening DVD that is packaged with the system is designed to give you an intense core workout, while teaching you correct form and brand new fun movements using the Razor. The total body band kit combined with the Razor gives you a full body workout like nothing else on the market today. The new and dynamic moves will build lean muscle while shredding fat in the most efficient way possible. You do not need other equipment to get into the best shape of your life. All you need is floor space, a door, and the Razor Hybrid Crossover system.

With the ability to start on the beginner side of the 12 week program you can start with the less advanced movements. They are simple and easy to learn movements. When you are ready switch over to the advanced side you can take your workout to the next level. The beginner side is what I do when I have limited time or when I am working out at home. The Razor has a 3 year warranty so it isn’t going anywhere and will be with you for the duration of your fitness journey.

ImageI know first-hand what it takes to break old habits and start new ones. Often times it takes the first step of becoming willing to try a new way, and a new life. The Nutrition Guide has my 21 Habits in 21 Days that are designed to help you gently walk old habits down the stairs, teaching you new ones that will start you on your Second Chance Lifestyle. The tools are there. The door is open and I invite you to walk through it to begin forming a new you! This isn’t your everyday fitness product. This is a revolutionary way of training, and an opportunity to make a new you for good!

This is my Second Chance… what are you doing with yours?