21 Habits in 21 Days

“I know first-hand how hard it is to break bad habits. Along with changing our bad ones, we must create new ones. I didn’t wake up one day with my physique, and I don’t expect you to get in the best shape of your life in days, weeks, or even months. To change for the better in all areas of our life we must change daily from the inside out. This is why I created 21 Habits In 21 Days.” – Ben Booker


  • First of all, identify your goal, aspirations, and intentions and affirm them. You must make them a priority and make them real all at the same time. Do you really want to lose the weight and get healthy, or is it just a good idea for your family? It must be for you first and the benefits of helping others around you will come after you make the change.

  • Once you commit, write it down and stare at it. Look it over and study it, even if it is just a sentence or a statement. Make it real in your mind and on paper.

  • Then, why… why do you want to do this? Whatever it is, put a reason by it. Mine began with wanting to become a better me, then led to becoming a good father and husband, and then fitness model, etc. Set a goal, reach it, and set a new one. Do it for you.

  • Get honest with yourself and realize your main diversions. Your first simple goal is to focus on 21 days. Pick your major weakness and try every day to create something that stops you from that bad habit. Sometimes you have to change the people you are with, the places you frequent, and the things you do. Remove yourself from the negativity.

  • Recognize and celebrate each success no matter how small. This will help you to surround yourself with the people that bring out the best in you. Build a support system that can motivate you even when you are not willing.


ImageStaying hydrated promotes fat loss by flushing toxins out of vital organs. Begin replacing one cup of coffee, an energy drink, or soda with a glass of water and work your way up to eight, 8 ounce glasses of water every day.